Meet the Director: Carmel Mesiti

With over 20 years experience in the Australian music scene, Carmel Mesiti is one of Australia’s most accomplished singers. Having worked alongside Marcia Hines, Delta Goodrem, Human Nature, Christine Anu, David Campbell, Mark Williams, Jon Stevens, Paul Gray (Wa Wa Nee), Stephen “Spud” Murphy, Chaz Bono, Courtney Act, Steve Balbi, Doug Parkinson, William Forsythe and Angry Anderson, Carmel has established a charismatic and dynamic stage presence. She has taught at the Australian Institute of Music, Brent Street, S2S School of Singing and the Australian College of Entertainment, and brings this depth of knowledge and experience to her school.

The Singing Room is your chance to learn the art and craft of singing – either for fun or for your professional future. Carmel’s teaching philosophy is simple: with commitment & passion, you will see results. Carmel combines her years of industry experience with sensitivity to students’ individual needs and dreams, and her program tailors to your goals and aspirations. Each student benefits from a customized and highly considered schedule, to maximize the time spent with Carmel and derive the most from each session.

Based in the creative hub of Sydney’s Inner West, The Singing Room is the perfect entrée to the city’s bustling music environment. Trained at the Institute for Vocal Advancement, Carmel brings together industry training with natural talent, and frames this for students at all stages, with an emphasis on tonal clarity, flexibility and the ease to sing with confidence, joy and freedom – all from a nurturing and fun environment. The Singing Room will train you to sing smoothly across your vocal range with no discernible breaks in tonal quality – this is Carmel’s goal. The Singing Room also specializes in Vocal Coaching, Audition Techniques/Preparation, Studio Recording, Performance Coaching, Vocal Arranging and Performance Opportunities.

Still active and engaged in the music industry, Carmel brings an immediacy, professionalism, relevance and passion to The Singing Room. Every student will have an opportunity to develop their stagecraft with live performances that showcases what they have learnt, and what they have to offer. Carmel focuses on the student’s strengths and brings out his or her best in performance, striving to identify areas that need improvement, and draw out and highlight what each student does best.

Carmel is proud to be Internationally & locally recognised as a Certified Vocal Instructor through IVA.



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